According to Merriam-Webster Online, Shenanigans means:  1 : a devious trick used especially for an underhand purpose 2 a : tricky or questionable practices or conduct

I call Shenanigans on why this website ( came about.  I used to own  I bought it in 2005.  Over the following five years, McKean directed some of his leaders to contact me and demand I turn over the website.  I’ll publish those attempts so you can see how they have operated and used trickery and deceit in contacting me and discussing the website.

Five years ago, when I just happened to do a search on domain names and noticed the McKean domain had not been purchased, I bought it.  Having been a member of McKean’s church the International Churches of Christ, I felt that I could use the McKean website as a place to present links and documents that would chronicle events taking place in and around McKean.

I purposely kept the site neutral in its content and supplied very little, if any, commentary as to my views about events that were happening in the ICOC and to McKean.  Believe me, I could have said a lot more, but decided to offer links and comparisons and allow website visitors the opportunity to be fully informed and to make their own decisions based on the information they researched.   For instance, had a website visitor wanted to read the letters and articles that were addressing McKean’s divisive actions in 2005, they would have to know and go to each individual churches website to read the letter that that church wrote in response to McKean’s announcement that he was forming a new movement and then attempting to pull members out of his former church into his newly formed church.  Instead, the website visitor could now read both McKean’s articles and each churches letter in an easy to read timeline.

I also pulled quotes from McKean’s sermons and articles that where inflammatory against his former fellowship or quotes used to confuse members as to who a Christian truly was, what the church taught regarding the possibility of any other church outside his movement being Christian, and how McKean’s doctrine added to the scriptures regarding the steps needed in becoming a Christian, etc.  Once again, I only pulled quotes directly from McKean.  I did not give my commentary on the subject.  I used only McKean’s words.

I also had access to full sermon transcripts of various sermons of McKeans from years past.  I offered these transcripts in their entirety, so that once again, a website visitor could view the entire sermon and get the full context.  It was also clear that McKean’s message had not changed throughout the years.  In fact, he preached the same sermon over and over and over, never changing a thing.  It was important to show that McKean may have claimed to learn his lesson or to come to some new understanding of issues in the church; he continued to preach and teach the same destructive message.

So recent events have transpired and I made the decision to transfer the domain to McKean.  I still think the information that was presented on the McKean website needs to be found by website searchers.   I picked the name Spiritual Pornography because this website will contain THE information that McKean and his churches have not wanted YOU the visitor to see.  McKean and others would teach that viewing any information on the internet that might be critical of the church and its teachings were on par with viewing pornography.  They called it Spiritual Pornography.

“You know, there is a proliferation — literally, that’s the word — of not only anti-cult material, little packets, but booklets, books, videos — Preston Shepperd calls this stuff “spiritual pornography“. (amen)  You say, well why? Well, what was the reason you first opened Playboy Magazine? You were curious. You know, a lot of us as Christians, we don’t understand the schemes of Satan. How did Satan get Eve? By her curiosity. Just twisting a few things around. Even the world says curiosity kills the cat. Some of you say, “well, hold it, if you’re strong enough — if there isn’t anything wrong in this stuff, then why shouldn’t I read these anti-Boston materials?” Well, let me ask you this. You’ve been a Christian for a while and prayerfully you’re strong in the Lord. Why can’t you just open a Playboy and just see how it goes? Let me tell you something. I’ve been a Christian for 17 years. I don’t dare get close to one! (amen) And you shouldn’t get close to that spiritual pornography. The thing that’s driving you there is curiosity. That is Satan. Get it out of the house!”  McKean – They Hated the Dreamer, 1989 (transcript available upon request)

What follows over the next several postings, will be my account of events that have caused them to claim “When this transfer is complete this week, it will mark the end of the worst persecution we’ve received from any website on the internet!” and “This is undoubtedly the largest victory we’ve seen in our Cyber-Ministry!!!” While flattering as this is to me, I also find it laughable that they think they have overcome some huge obstacle.   Apparently posting their own words on the website seems to be the worst thing they have faced.   Showing both sides of a story is something they cringe in fear of.  These men are not men of God.


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