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What is Spiritual Pornography?  Simply put, it’s information your church doesn’t want you to see.  Specifically the International Churches of Christ and the International Christian Churches do not want this information to be found.

The content of this website came from a website called KipMcKean.com.  That domain now belongs to Kip McKean.  With that change, much of the information would have disappeared.   The information from the original KipMcKean.com website can still be viewed on the Documents and Time-line Pages 2000-2009; 1990-1999; and 1977-1989. Read the posts listed above to see the shenanigans of McKean and his leaders in procuring the KipMcKean.com website.

McKean and other leaders in his former fellowship, the International Churches of Christ (ICOC), and the leaders in McKean’s new sold-out movement the International Christian Churches (ICC) preach and teach that looking up information about the church was akin to viewing pornography.  They called it spiritual pornography.  So fearful that members and future recruits might view information that might help them make informed decisions as to whether to remain a member or join the church, that they would teach that even going to the internet was a sin.

“You know, there is a proliferation — literally, that’s the word — of not only anti-cult material, little packets, but booklets, books, videos — Preston Shepperd calls this stuff “spiritual pornography“. (amen)  You say, well why? Well, what was the reason you first opened Playboy Magazine? You were curious. You know, a lot of us as Christians, we don’t understand the schemes of Satan. How did Satan get Eve? By her curiosity. Just twisting a few things around. Even the world says curiosity kills the cat. Some of you say, “well, hold it, if you’re strong enough — if there isn’t anything wrong in this stuff, then why shouldn’t I read these anti-Boston materials?” Well, let me ask you this. You’ve been a Christian for a while and prayerfully you’re strong in the Lord. Why can’t you just open a Playboy and just see how it goes? Let me tell you something. I’ve been a Christian for 17 years. I don’t dare get close to one! (amen) And you shouldn’t get close to that spiritual pornography. The thing that’s driving you there is curiosity. That is Satan. Get it out of the house!”  McKean – They Hated the Dreamer, 1989 (transcript available upon request)

“Asked about his current view of that statement, [the statement listed above regarding spiritual pornography] McKean now evangelist of the Los Angeles church, said, “There is a great difference between constructive criticism and destructive attacks on your faith. Because of the grossly unfair situations these accusations are stated in, such as deprogrammings, yes, we do advice Christians to view them as pornography. Upon review, the New Testament does teach Christians to avoid evil and division. Our convictions about fleeing from evil are twisted to make us look as though we have something to hide when, in fact, no decent person would want to expose their children, their peers or their parents to exploitation of sex or slander. Both are pornographic.” Upside Down/Issue 4-5, January 1993 [This is a fine example of “loading the language.”  Slander is not pornographic, but by associating the two, it becomes the same in the minds of members.  Does this same standard apply to McKean when he speaks ill of ICOC churches today?]

Even ‘spiritual pornography’ has found its way onto the information superhighway. Instead of building lives for God, enemies of the church and disgruntled former members are uniting to attack the Kingdom and destroy people’s faith. They present their “facts” and their “stories” in such a way as to picture the church as an abusive, authoritative, greedy and evil cult. Of course, the danger in reading such material is that only one side is presented in personal stories of hurt, and no way exists to ever learn the other side.  Al Baird, Elder of the LA ICC – in an ICC WWW Article titled – ‘You’ve Got Mail‘ 6/25/99

Spiritual Pornography IS the information they don’t want you to see.