• Isaiah Pickett, Elder Chicago Church of Christ Transcript
  • Andy & Tammy Fleming appointed World Sector Leaders for Administration
  • 175 HOPE Worldwide programs in 70 nations
  • Boston-Los Angeles-Moscow –25 churches in all 15 nations of the former Soviet Union and Mongolia (17 disciples to nearly 10,000)
  • 20,481 attend LA Church service in one weekend
  • HOPE for Kids reaches Summit goals – 3 million children reached; 1.2 million volunteer hours; 250,000 volunteer events in 107 cities with 100 corporate partners
  • Jordan’s King Hussein (deceased) & Queen Noor named recipients of HOPE Unity Award
  • 18,000 people attend Lagos, Nigeria service
  • ICOC attendance nears 200,000
  • 10,000 attend recent service in Hong Kong, China
  • 2,300 attend 10th Anniversary Service in Tokyo, Japan – the “Mount Everest of mission work”
  • 1st International Youth Ministries Conference “Revolution X” – LA
  • February 25, 1999 – Sermon from Singapore – McKean (audio available upon request)


  • October – 50 state goal lost with the failure of the Fargo, ND church
  • LA Church has worship service at Rose Bowl with claim of over 10,000 in attendance – Night at the Rose Bowl – McKean (transcript available upon request)
  • Phil Lamb resigns as World Sector Leaders for family and health reasons. Peter Garcia-Bengochea are appointed WSLs for Central & South America (transcript available upon request)
  • Emergency Missions Leadership Meeting – re-commitment to prayer & evangelism
  • HOPE for Children places 200th adoption
  • Health Corps Conference – Hong Kong, China
  • 2nd HOPE Worldwide orphanage opens in Indonesia
  • HOPE Worldwide, along with the ICOC, provides financial, medical and emotional assistance to victims of Hurricane Mitch
  • DPI: 1 millionth volume and Kingdom Kids Curriculum
  • KNN receives first Telly Award for Excellence in first short dramatic film “The Call to Fish”
  • Disciples sent to 8 Middle East countries


  • World Sectors financially sectorized
  • Tokyo Church becomes the largest church in the past 300 years of Japanese history
  • HOPE Unity Award presented to Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter
  • Health Corps Conference – Kingston, Jamaica
  • 1st HOPE Worldwide orphanage opens in New Delhi
  • HOPE for Kids Center opened in Hong Kong for Chinese immigrants
  • HOPE Worldwide sponsors largest blood drives in Brazil and Mexico
  • World Missions Leadership Conference – Jerusalem
  • 300th church planted: Armenia
  • 1st Kingdom Campus Conference (ICMC) – Paris
  • ICOC website launched as part of KNN
  • Churches planted in every former Soviet Republic


  • First native third-world Elders appointed in New Delhi, India
  • Nationals lead most churches in Russia, India, Africa, Central & South America, China, Japan and Europe
  • Geographic HOPE Leaders appointed
  • King Sihanouk Hospital – Center of HOPE opens in Cambodia
  • HOPE Unity Award presented to Mother Teresa
  • 1st HOPE Health Corps Conference – Los Angeles
  • 100th nation planted: Syria
  • Jerusalem planting
  • ICOC website introduced
  • Sydney Australia – Oceania Conference – Keynote Address – McKean (transcript available upon request)
  • May 5, 1996 – Special Mission Contribution Lesson – McKean (transcript available upon request)


  • January – International Sunday attendance exceeded 100,000
  • July – goal of having disciples in all 50 states reached with the plantings in Fargo, ND; Sioux Falls SD; and Burlington, VT
  • Church Growth Today names LA Church the fastest growing church in North America (2nd year in a row)
  • Nelson Mandela receives first HOPE Unity Award
  • HOPE Worldwide registered with USAID
  • Baghdad planted
  • Morocco, Turkey and Iraq plantings
  • LA Church breaks 10,000 Sunday attendance
  • 200th church planted: Pakistan
  • World Missions Leadership Conference – Johannesburg
  • Preach the Word – McKean – Johannesburg World Leadership Conference (transcript available upon request)


  • Indianapolis Church leaders marked and disfellowshipped
  • Mainline Church of Christ omits ICOC from it’s Church of Christ Directory
  • KNN (Kingdom News Network) is established
  • LA Story – LA Church Bulletin began
  • Evangelization Proclamation is released. A six-year plan to plant a true church of disciples in all 170 nations with a city of over 100,000.
  • Olivia McKean baptized: Second generation of disciples
  • August – First World Missions Leadership Conference held outside of US in Manila Philippines. McKean Keynote Address (transcript available upon request)
  • Geographic Sector Leaders appointed
  • Church Growth Today names LA Church the fastest growing church in North America
  • From the Churches of Christ to the Boston Movement: A Comparative Study” by Russell R. Paden, B.G.S., University of Kansas, 1992
  • McKean releases RtR II – The 20th Century Church (transcript available upon request)


  • Milan Mission Team members marked and disfellowshipped
  • Blackwells chosen to be World Sector Leaders for Middle East
  • Women baptizing women
  • Bairds chosen to lead new Law and Media World Sector
  • World Missions Leadership Conference – LA
  • Discipleship Publications International begins
  • Foundation stone for Village of HOPE leprosy colony laid in India
  • 1st Immunization campaign – New York City
  • First Kingdom Teachers appointed
  • December15, 1983 – CBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Report on the International Churches of Christ – the Boston Movement – Canada’s fastest growing church)


  • Church growth authority John Vaughan, first refers to the “International Churches of Christ”
  • The Dream Super Churches – McKean (transcript available upon request)
  • Moscow Church baptizes 850 in first year
  • First 5th generation church planting: Boston to London to Sydney to Auckland to Fiji
  • Time Magazine “Keepers of the Flock” 5/18/1992
  • August – First World Missions Leadership Conference held in Boston
  • McKean releases From Jerusalem to Rome, From Boston to Moscow – REVOLUTION THROUGH RESTORATION I


  • Moscow planted from LA: 100th church planting. Mission team of 17 is sent off from Los Angeles led by the McKeans and the Flemings; 268 people attend first service 5 days after arrival
  • RD1 (Red Dragon One) – First church planted mainland China
  • Kip appoints Bob & Pat Gempel to lead HOPE Worldwide as their World Sector Leader charge


  • Sue Condon’s Diary – The Emperor’s New Clothes
  • McKeans move to LA, LA Church membership at 154
  • McKean presents plan to plant Moscow from LA
  • Boston Church of Christ Congregational Meeting – McKean (transcript available upon request)