• LA World Sector Administrators chosen, Cecil Wooten appointed leader of WSAs
  • Boston sends out seven church plantings: LA, Seattle, DC, Honolulu, Manila, Bangkok
  • 1989 Boston World Seminar They Hated the Dreamer – McKean Last Boston World Missions Seminar – 12,000 attend at Boston Garden (transcript available upon request)


  • New York Church of Christ 5th Anniversary Service – Make the Dream a Reality – McKean (transcript available upon request)
  • Financial Leaders Meeting – McKean (transcript available upon request)
  • Crossroads Movement disassociates itself from the Boston Movement
  • World Sector Leaders chosen from couples the McKeans have trained
  • Tokyo reconstruction (Kims and Gurganuses)
  • Denver Reconstruction – McKean (transcript available upon request)
  • Munich planted (Randy McKean)
  • Cairo planted
  • Release of “Songs of the Kingdom,” 1st edition
  • Ron Gholston, leader in the Boston Church wrote a letter to Al Baird, Bob Gempel, elders in Boston, pointing out “Anti-biblical” teachings and practices regarding church authority. Ron is then disfellowshipped


  • January – Bombay, India planted
  • August – The benevolent arm of the church, later named HOPE was founded
  • November – First Soviet Missions Conference in Stockholm – Andy Fleming shares dream to evangelize former Soviet Union
  • “Remnant Theology” (remnant gathers in the 80s)
  • Reconstructions: San Francisco, Atlanta, San Diego
  • Mexico City planted (Lambs)
  • Hong Kong planted (Greens)
  • Boston W omen’s Retreat – Be Perfectly United – McKean (transcripts available upon request)
  • The worldwide LOVE offering begins
  • Boston exceeds 3,000 in attendance


  • The ABC’s of Spiritual Leadership – McKean (transcript available upon request)
  • First Special Missions Contribution taken up, over $1 million collected at Boston World Missions Seminar
  • LOVE offering begins in London for the poor and needy
  • June – Johannesburg planted
  • August – Paris (Kims)
  • October – Stockholm planted


  • Toronto planted. Boston reaches 1,000 attendance
  • 5 churches in 3 nations


  • Bairds and Gempels begin to serve as elders and elder’s wives for the Boston Church
  • 3rd Boston World Mission Seminar – First appeal for Soviet missions


  • New York City planted (Johnsons)
  • Boston Church attendance reaches 1,000


  • August – Boston World Mission Seminar
  • Chicago church planted (Fuquas) and London Church planted (Arthurs)


  • Introduced the “key” or “pillar” church plan for evangelizing the world by “planting” churches in key metropolitan areas around the globe
  • Florida Evangelism Seminar – No Fear in Love and Church Growth
  • Midwest Evangelism Seminar – McKean sermon entitled Pharisees: Blind Unbelief


  • God initiates his modern-day movement as Kip McKean preaches to the 30 “would-be” disciples in the Gempel’s living room in Boston
  • Lexington Church of Christ calls Kip McKean as it’s pulpit minister
  • June 1 – Meeting of 30 would-be disciples in the Gempel’s living room
  • Became known as the Boston Church of Christ or Boston Movement