The following is a list of documents and articles that pertain to the ICOC.

2008 – A paper written by a former member “The scriptural case against Kip McKean and/or the ICOC


2006 – Los Angels International Church of Christ publicly marks Kip McKean.

2006 – Toxic Christianity – (originally published in 1994 and updated in 2006) written by a former ICOC church leader

02/22/06 – A new article gives a “behind-the-scenes” account as to how Kip came to the Portland church. By Jenny Lynch, 12 year member, staff member, San Francisco Church of Christ; a former leader in the Portland Church of Christ; and Gloria Keeney, 20 year member Sacramento Metro Church of Christ


2005 – A group of Brothers send a letter to McKean about his divisiveness.  The Brothers released a 2nd letter to Kip McKean, this time signed by over 80 brothers

2005 – Portland’s response to the Letter from the Brothers

2005 – The Phoenix Valley Church of Christ now warns it’s members to stay away from McKean, the Portland Church and Chris and Sonja Chloupek

2005 – The South Florida church hands out a letter to the members on Sunday, September 4

2005 – Henry Kriete weighs in with his own letter about the condition of the ICOC and it’s leaders

2005 – San Diego Church responds to McKean’s divisiveness

2005 – St. Louis Church warns others about McKean and their desire to NOT join the LA Unity Plan

2005 – Phoenix Church response regarding McKean and The Portland Story

2005 – Seattle church publishes an article responding to McKean and The Portland Story

2005 – Boston Elders Response to actions of McKean and issue a warning.  “Kip’s actions are divisive and arrogant and must be opposed.”

2005 – General Statement on False Teachers by Joe Franklin
From Ignorance to Heresy: An Inside Look at the Philosophy and Methodology of False Teachers Within the International Churches of Christ by Joe Franklin   Bonus Table of Contents

2005 – If Peter Has The Keys, How Has Kip Been Driving Us Around All This Time? By Dave Paul

ICOC UPDATE 2005 – (Is the Threat Resurfacing?) By Timothy Greeson


2004 – January – McKean interviewed in the Christian Chronicle


2003 Salt Lake City Leaders Response to RtR III, July

2003 – Boston Globe Article “A Christian Community Falters

2003 – Henry Kriete – Honest to God


2002 – Article about the Control Mechanisms used in the ICOC

2002 – ICOC Unity Conference – Los Angeles, California – November 15, 2002

2002 –  LA Church member Dusty Wakefield

Breaking Session/Marking Transcripts, 2002
Part 1 Breaking Session
Part 2 Announced at Church
Part 3 Meeting with Dusty’s brother
Used with permission.  All efforts have been made for accuracy. Due to the difficulty in following who says what on a taped recording, there may be some quotes that were spoken by another speaker rather than the one listed.

2002 – Elders’ Response to McKean resignation

2002 Document from Doug Jacoby regarding the Women’s Role in the ICOC

2002 – “History Repeats Itself: The Rise and Fall of Kip McKean & Chuck Lucas” by a former LA Church member


2001 – World Sector Leaders Response to sabbatical


2000 Document from Doug Jacoby regarding Statistics and Church Growth

2000 – Castles in the Air – A Bible Study

2000 – Madrid Church leaders step down and leave the ICOC

2000 – Boston leaders respond to Madrid Leaders leaving the ICOC and Kyle Degge gives his response


1999 – Isaiah Pickett, Elder Chicago Church of Christ – Transcript of Marking


1998 – Phil Lamb resigns as World Sector Leaders for family and health reasons. Peter & Laura García-Bengochea are appointed WSLs for Central & South America


1997 – In depth article about the teachings of the ICOC and analysis of First principles.


1994 Indianapolis Church Markings –

Ed Powers transcript, Congregational Meeting 2/27/94
Ed Powers Leader’s Meeting 3/1/94
Ed Powers transcript, Congregational Meeting 3/6/94
Marty Fuqua and Doug Arthur address the church
Kip Mckean transcript the Marking of Ed Powers 3/17/94

History of the Indy Church

History of the Indianapolis Church of Christ split

1994 – “From the Churches of Christ to the Boston Movement: A Comparative Study” by Russell R. Paden, B.G.S., University of Kansas


1991 – Milan Mission Team members marked and disfellowshipped


1990 – Sue Condon’s Diary -The Emperor’s New Clothes


1988 – Ron Gholston, leader in the Boston Church, wrote a letter to Al Baird and Bob Gempel,  elders in Boston, pointing out “Anti-biblical” teachings and practices regarding church authority. Ron is then disfellowshipped.


1977 –  Kip McKean and Roger Lamb lose financial support from Memorial Drive Church of Christ

1977 – Memorial Drive Elders Letter