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  • August 31, 2008 – Article – Clearing Up the Confusion – McKean 
  • “Recently, Steve Johnson and the remaining elders in Portland, Oregon, stated their autonomy and desire to, “Have no man as a leader over them.” Sadly, with these decisions, they have separated themselves from the Sold-out Discipling Movement. Yet, we wish them well. Two months ago, with this decision seemingly eminent, Tony Untalan, one of the two original elders of Portland, and Michael Williamson, a regional leader for years in Portland, moved their families and encouraged other Portland disciples to move to any of the churches in the new movement! Out of this confusion, a small remnant group was formed in Portland. It is overseen by Jeremy Ciaramella of Eugene, Oregon, and is called the Portland International Christian Church.”
  • August 29, 2008 – Article on ICOCHotNewsPortland ICC church breaks away from Kip McKean and the Soldout Discipling Movement.
  • “The Portland leadership maintains a conviction that local congregations should be open to outside influence but ultimately the final decision making authority rests in the hands of the local leadership. They also insisted on extending the right hand of fellowship to anyone that they considered a brother or sister in Christ not just those in the “New Movement.” These positions were unacceptable to Kip and on August 3, 2008 he announced to his closest advisors that he had decided to “Call out a Remnant” from the Portland church and that all those who have relationships with brothers or sisters in Portland should begin calling to encourage them to leave the church immediately and move to a church in the “New Movement.” This past Sunday an evangelist from another city in Oregon came to Portland and announced that he was in charge of the new “Sold Out” congregation in Portland. ” Doug Arthur, Pray for Peace in Portland, Boston Church of Christ
  • August 10, 2008 – Sermon – Think on These Things from Steve Johnson in the Portland ICC church addressing some of the rumors about a possible split from the Sold-Out Discipling Movement
  • August 9, 2008 – MERCY Worldwide is born at the 2008 World Missions Jubilee of the ICC movement.   There also was a central leadership group announced.

“Notably, atthe 2008 World Missions Jubilee, a central leadership for the new movement was announced: Nick and Denise Bordieri, Chris and Theresa Broom, DJ and Kacie Comisford, Andrew and Patrique Smellie, Matt and Helen Sullivan, Tony and Therese Untalan, and Elena and me.” (A year later, Michael and Sharon Kirchner were added to the CLC as the administrative couple for the movement.)



  • “Raul Moreno became connected with Kip McKean and the Portland Movement several years ago.  Members of that movement are called to recruit heavily from the ICOC congregations.  When Raul tried to lead his ICOC church in Santiago, Chile, into Kip’s new movement, he was disciplined for being divisive.  The vast majority (90%) of the membership stayed in the ICOC when he left.  He recently wrote an editorial to defend his divisive behavior. We take issue with several of his statements.
  • October 21, 2007 – Raul Moreno responds with his comments about recent events regarding the Santiago Church 
  • “The three Florida evangelists proceeded to mark me and another ministry leader couple as divisive, thus disfellowshipping us. They also gave advice to those they had swayed to avoid the disciples that had continued to follow our lead. Indeed, there is a new congregation in Santiago, Chile. That church is the one that decided not to follow their leaders. They even named one of their own as their “new” leader. The congregation that I now lead is practicing exactly what I have been teaching during my entire tenure in Santiago. We have embraced the original ICOC teachings. The name of the congregation I still lead is the Santiago International Christian Church. The new church is called the Santiago ICOC only because the fourth and only dissenting couple of the leadership group was the administrator, who as president of the board, carried with him the legal rights and name of the church. Now, a month after this separation, the Santiago International Christian Church is once again thriving and starting to baptize!”
  • August 27, 2007 – Santiago ICOC Church splits when local leaders join Kip’s new movement.  Local Leaders marked.
  • “On Sunday the Morenos met with a group of about 30 in their apartment building, while the rest of us (about 250) had a great worship in the regular facility. John Hoyt gave a meaningful communion service, his first in Spanish, and John Reus preached an inspiring sermon. We met, again, at 4:00 with the church and at 6:00 with the Bible talk leaders. At this time, both Raul Moreno and Kip McKean were marked for their divisiveness (Romans 16:17 and Titus 3:10). On Monday morning we had an inspiring congregational devotional and prayer time. Between, before and after these meetings the staff in Chile (unfortunately minus Raul and Lynda) and the group from Florida met to study, pray and organize. ”  ….”In that same devotional, it was necessary for us to mark Alfredo and  Alejandra Anuch, Raul’s right hand couple, for their divisiveness. It feels contradictory to mark church members, because we try so hard to keep them saved. But, we understand that the scriptures leave us no alternative, in  order that the larger flock might be protected. The 250 disciples who remain in the original church have high standards of unity, love, faithfulness and devotion. This church has a great desire to reach Chile and beyond with the gospel. They are an example and an inspiration to us all.”



  • “We were informed by the Santiago, Chile Church leadership that they no longer wanted our discipling. They did not want to be a part of our new movement, calling our new movement “sinfully divisive” in starting “new churches” and fearing the loss of relationships in the ICOC.”
  • This article also officially seems to begin McKean’s new movement.
  • ….”McKean never acknowledged God’s discipline through the brothers’ statement. ….The message remains the same:  churches not aligned with him are dead and not right with God.  Though he acknowledges there are faithful disciples in other churches, according to his own words, to be in a true church you must leave your church and come be with Kip’s new fellowship of churches of only “sold-out” disciples.  Seasoned leaderships from around the world, including commended brothers who have known Kip for decades have condemned these simplistic and condescending judgments regarding our family of churches.”….
  • This brother is Kip McKean. It profoundly saddens me that we have come to this moment in time. I love and appreciate all that Kip has done for me and many of our churches. He is a man of great vision and zeal, but I couldn’t disagree with him more adamantly. I believe all we need now is faith and victorious examples to inspire one another. (That is why I’m so proud of the Greater Baltimore Church . God has blessed our faith with inspiring progress .We have witnessed dozens of baptisms and restorations and a rapidly growing attendance and contribution.)
  • I have been one of Kip’s closest friends for more than 25 years and I have tried hard in the last year to avert this parting of the ways. Doug Lambert and I visited Portland in May of this year to call the leadership to repent of critical and condescending remarks that were constantly being made about Churches and Christians in other places. I even went so far as to offer help in editing the Portland bulletin in an attempt to minimize these offensive comments and characterizations. Though some changes were made and Kip apologized publicly and privately, the reconciliation I had hoped for as well as the consistent change in message from Portland has not occurred.  Tragically, in recent months it has become clear that these efforts were cosmetic in nature. The underlying conviction that Kip and the Portland leadership maintain is that our fellowship is collectively beyond hope and can best be used for ‘spare parts’ to be build a whole new “movement”.
  • November 5, 2006 – Article Partners in the Gospel Part 2
  • “A few weeks ago, a dear friend felt compelled to write me and in an effort to be constructively critical, offered the formula “Kip + a few disgruntled people = new church.” I admit there is truth in this charge. Many brothers and sisters unhappy with their congregations are asking me and others associated with me to help them start new churches. I see this as an improvement over staying in an existing church and being disgruntled or falling away from God. This was exactly the position I took in 1982 when we began sending men and women around the world planting new churches. Most had been converted or grafted in from churches from which they had become unhappy. So I have to agree and even advertise that if you are unhappy with where you are and cannot resolve things, come with us. We are baptizing the lost and creating a new fellowship of Christians excited about sharing their faith. If you are happy (spiritually fulfilled and your conscience is clear) in the congregation where you are now, you should stay there; seek and save the lost from that part of the Kingdom. But if you are not happy, and cannot “get happy,” perhaps you should consider joining us as we passionately strive to obey Jesus’ Great Commission to go to all nations. “
  • October 31, 2006 – The Bay Area Christian Church (formerly the San Francisco ICOC) emailed their congregation about an email being sent to its members inviting them to join a new church being planted with support from the Portland church.
  • “The support that these 3 people have received from the Portland Church of Christ is not unusual.  The Portland Church of Christ has decided that anyone who does not join them in building their “new movement” is “lukewarm”.  We confirmed their support of anyone who wants to plant a church anywhere with one of their evangelists today.   This is unfortunate since we have been one of the only churches in the world who have not publicly condemned them even though we don’t agree with them.  The only reason we are putting this information on record is because of these mass emails. “
  • “As the leadership of the Salt Lake Christian Church we firmly believe God has placed us in a position as a bridge between the two sides of this argument. And it is to this end that we will continue to work. When asked to sign the unity proposal we declined, not because we thought it was a bad concept, but because we value our relationship with the Portland family of Churches and do not wish to restrict or damage our relationships. To that same end we cannot condone the conduct of the Portland Family of Churches and their split from the rest of our family. While included as part of their family, on paper, and while we will do all that we can to support them in their faith, we are disappointed that our church was included in a list of churches that are forming their own movement. We do not want to be included on any list that brings division not unity.”
  • “Because of these unrepentant deceitful and divisive actions, and after careful consideration, we are publicly marking Kip McKean, the force behind these efforts, Sal Valasco, the local leader of this faction, and whoever else promotes this action with them.”
  • October 15, 2006 – Article – “Partners In The Gospel”
  • “For these reasons, after several agonizing days of prayer as well as counsel from the Portland elders and evangelists, my decision at this juncture is to start over with whoever is willing to help in building a worldwide movement for baptizing lost souls. …. if one has a conviction that you should never start a new church, then he or she should attend the Roman Catholic Church as it is the most direct link to the first century church. But we believe many ICOC congregations have drifted in “life and doctrine” to such an extent that it is time for a revolution of starting new churches composed of only sold-out disciples.”
  • Jun 11, 2006 – Article – A Heartfelt Apology – McKean 
  • “I am so sorry to everyone who is striving to be a dedicated disciple of Jesus. Please forgive my arrogance and disrespect in the Portland Bulletin articles and in my Sunday sermons, which are online. I do believe there are church leaderships around the world that are trying very hard to restore the lordship of Christ and discipling.”
  • “A phone call from Chris Broom of Syracuse, New York and an announcement on the web made us aware that Kip McKean and the Portland International Church of Christ in conjunction with the Central New York Church of Christ in Syracuse is preparing to plant a church in Chicago. Some of our members have been encouraged to leave our fellowship to join in this effort. While we gladly welcome any disciple of Jesus who is committed to reaching the Chicago area for Christ, we feel strongly that this action is divisive. Divisiveness destroys unity, hurts the faith of individual Christians and harms God’s kingdom. The divisive tactics being used by this group are more evidence of the continued sin that has been addressed in the past. We denounce the division caused by the actions of this group just as Paul did in Romans 16:17-19 and Titus 3:9-11.”

February 22, 2006 – A new article gives a “behind-the-scenes” account as to how Kip came to the Portland church.



  • November 2, 2005 – The Brothers released a 2nd letter to Kip McKean, this time signed by over 80 brothers
    • “From our deep concern for your soul and to protect the flock, we must continue to oppose you as long as you try to divide disciples from one another.  Out of reverence for God and love for you and all of his people, we commit to obeying these Scriptures which tell us to have no further fellowship with you until you repent: I urge you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Keep away from them.  For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naive people.   Romans 16:17-18”
  • October 14, 2005 – Concern For All the Churches – From the Portland Leadership.
  • October 9, 2005 – Portland’s response to the Letter from the Brothers
  • October 3, 2005 – A group of Brothers send a letter to McKean about his divisiveness.
  • October 2005 – Cosmo Girl! – “MyFamily was Sucked into a Cult
  • September 25, The Phoenix Valley Church of Christ now warns it’s members to stay away from McKean, the Portland Church and Chris and Sonja Chloupek
    • “In view of the current actions of the Chloupeks, Kip and the Portland church, we as your leaders urge you to obey Paul’s admonitions quoted above from Romans 16:17:  “Keep away from them.”  Any fellowship or contact should be totally discontinued as of today. We are saddened to bring this matter before you, but we are totally resolved to biblically deal with divisiveness and unbiblical teachings that affect our members. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”
  • September 8, The South Florida church hands out a letter to the members on Sunday, September 4
    • “The weak need our support and confidence, not derision or abandonment. Anyone who stirs up controversies and divisions is divisive. We pray that Kip will change and recognize the hard work and perseverance of so many who have led the churches in the good times and bad. We pray that he will not create divisions in the local churches with his rhetoric or any actions he may take in the future. We pray he will help the weak and bear with those who are struggling in their faith.”
  • September 6, Henry Kriete weighs in with his own letter about the condition of the ICOC and it’s leaders
  • September 6, The LA leadership is now distancing themselves from McKean,
    • “We, here in LA, did not believe that “The Portland Story” reflected the spirit in which the Lord desired to initiate unity.  Rather than a spirit that included threats, intimidation and arrogance, we believed that our brotherhood challenges needed to be tackled by a collective plan, not one that focused on a single congregation or person as the primary source for answers.”
  • September 6, Brian Felushko, Evangelist, Vancouver Church of Christ offers an alternative proposal to the ICOC Call for Unity
  • September 5, San Diego Church responds to McKean’s divisiveness
    • “Although we are committed to making disciples here in San Diego as well, it saddens us to say that his [Kip] divisive statements are clearly doing more harm than good, and we are absolutely opposed to having anything to do with it here in the San Diego Church of Christ.”
  • September 1, LA Church publishes a question and answer page about their Call to Unity. (version 2)
  • August 28 – Boston Elders Response to actions of McKean and issue a warning.  “Kip’s actions are divisive and arrogant and must be opposed.”
  • August 27 – Disciples Today website removes the link to The Portland Story
  • August 25 – Los Angeles Church calls for Unity (original version)  amongst the ICOC churches.  Several days later this plan was revised
  • August 25 – Disciples Today website posts THE PORTLAND STORY from the Portland Jubilee with a stern warning as an introduction:
    • “[DT Editor’s Note: publishes articles by brothers and sisters whom we believe want to build God’s church, not tear it down.  We publish articles that are Scripture lessons on the Teaching Channel.  On the Commentary channel we publish articles from people who have different points of view, but believe the same basic things about being a disciple of Jesus.  We will never all agree on every approach, method or opinion.  We must be mature enough to agree in Jesus and respect each other in all other areas — especially while disagreeing on opinions.  In order to truly reach the world with the gospel, we must be mature enough to accept the truth from each other with grace.
    • Before you read articles on the Commentary Channel, we implore you to read 1 Corinthians 1-3 and Romans 14 and 15.  If you can read other disciples’ viewpoints and strong convictions about opinions without judging the other person and without looking down on them, then please read, pray and ask God to use you to forge unity among us.  If you cannot, we respectfully request that you not read these articles so that you will not stumble or cause others to stumble.]”

  • August 21 – McKean draws the line in the sand at the recent Jubilee.  Read The Portland Story.

“However, as of this Jubilee the Portland leadership believes it is time for a progressive “calling-out of the remnant of disciples” from dying, former ICOC Churches. For years, I have preached “one church-one city,” in other words, each city should have only one church of disciples, because if they are faithful to God, He will multiply them to evangelize not only their city but the whole region. (Acts 19:8-10) I still believe in this same principle. Sadly, it has become the practice of some former ICOC churches to break-up into geographic groups or groups of various convictions about commitment to Christ, discipling and church government. If a group asks for help to restore the foundation of sold-out disciples, we will help in any way we can. Biblically, disciples can never rebel against authority, yet as seen with David who “chose” to transfer his allegiance from the ungodly Saul to the uncircumcised Achish (1 Sam 27:1-4) one is “free to choose” whom to submit to!”

  • Henry Kriete continues to speak out against McKean recently.
    • “I believe Kip is delusional and arrogant. Doctrine aside, I believe he is a false teacher based on his ethical failures, deceitfulness and divisive spirit. I say to anyone and everyone involved with him or in the same camp as him-run for your lives!”