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A Glorious Bonfire? has noticed a trend happening in the Sold Out Movement and the ICOC Coop Churches.

Both groups have equated numerical growth with proving that God is with them, church leaders never miss an opportunity in articles, sermons, and especially conferences  to mention their membership numbers and excitedly proclaim the number of churches in their movement.

The SODM conducted their Jubilee at the beginning of August 2010 and the ICOC Coop Churches just concluded their International Leadership Conference at the end of September 2010.   Both groups spent a lot of time boasting about their numbers during their conferences.

Both groups point to their stats as some sort of proof of God’s blessing. Both groups proclaim to teach the truth.  Both groups learned their doctrine from Kip McKean.

Looking at the SODM this week, we noticed that they boast of an Inaugural Service on September 19, 2010 of the London International Christian Church.  But wait, we remembered the London International Christian Church being planted back in October 2007, lead by Tim Kernan and 19 others.

“Great news from Europe and Africa! The London International Christian Church was planted by the Kernans in late October [2007] with 19 financially poor disciples.”

Then in 2008 in an article published on Upsidedown21 the London International Christian Church was called the London Remnant Group.

“More good news from abroad: The London Remnant Group, led by Tim and Lianne Kernan, hosted the second European Missions Conference on Ocrober 17-19, 2008.”

Why the change in name?  Not growing?  Was the membership numbers dwindling?

Now in September 2010, they conduct another inaugural service and claim they have “counted the cost” with the “Remnant Group” and now they are all ready to start the church.  The phrase “counting the cost” means that leaders meet with each member of the church and typically go through an accounting of that members sins.  The member is challenged about all areas of his life and expected to be broken about their lack of “sold-outed-ness” and then called to be more committed than ever before.   Once again the members are then challenged to get busy evangelizing.   With the sting of rebukes fresh in their hearts, the church holds another inaugural service.  Does anybody in the SODM ever stop to think about what is happening here?  Don’t they see how McKean is using the hype of an inaugural service to fire them all up without mentioning they’ve tried this before and apparently it failed?

“Now illuminating this dark world covered with “the shadow of death,” the Spirit of the “Light of Israel” has ignited a glorious bonfire called the London International Christian Church! Again it can be said, “A great light has dawned!” McKean, September 2010

A glorious Bonfire? Will this one last?  Why the need to “count the cost” with members who are already supposed to be sold-out?  The article mentions 27 members counted the cost?  They were planted back in 2007 with 20 members.  Only a growth of 7 members in 3 years?  Not a very good showing to prove God is with you.

We’d like to ask, “Is the SODM growing at all?”

Over the past 4 years, we’ve monitored the list of SODM churches.  Did you know that at least 18 churches were on their list and are no longer listed?

  1. Reno-Taho International Christian Church
  2. San Francisco International Christian Church – on/off several times
  3. Bangalore Christian Church
  4. Berlin International Christian Church, Germany
  5. Iglesias Cristiana Internacional de San Salvador, El Salvador
  6. Iglesias Cristiana Internacional de Guatemala City, Guatemala
  7. Toronto International Christian Church
  8. Iglesia Cristiana Internacional de San Pedro Sula
  9. Tulsa International Christian Church
  10. Sacramento International Christian Church
  11. Salt Lake Christian
  12. Corvalis Church
  13. Honduras
  14. Portland Oregon Church
  15. Siberia
  16. Northern Ireland International Christian Church
  17. Savannah Church of Christ
  18. Several churches listed in Chile

And we’ve recently noted that New Delhi International Christian Church was removed from the directory.

Why would a church of sold-out disciples who have to be 100% committed to even be baptized and are committed to evangelizing the world in one generation not be carrying out their mission? How in the world could they become lukewarm with McKean leading the way?

McKean claims,

“God’s modern day movement is moving with an ever-increasing momentum!”

Is it really?

ICOCinvestigation .com

This website,,  came from the need to post information that was originally posted at   While most of the links and documents at were specific to McKean, we have also collected quite a bit of information that pertains to the church that McKean built called the International Churches of Christ. was started several years ago to expose the practices of the ICOC.  We have collected quite a few documents and information for your review.   McKean is building a new kingdom and appears to be building it in the same footsteps as ICOC.  Can we excpect the same results?

These two websites are slowly combining into one website where you’ll be able to find a lot of information regarding McKean, the ICOC and the SODM.

Most members of the ICOC and SODM have no knowledge of the inner workings of their own church.  Sadly, to ask questions about such topics as finances, doctrine and practices, often times brought the questioner into the spotlight and your own character would become the problem, instead of the issues being raised.  So we decided to publish as much as information as we can find about the ICOC.  If you have information and documents that you think would be helpful to understand the inner workings of the ICOC, we invite you to contact us and send in your information.  If you wish, your identity can remain anonymous.  We understand the difficulties that come when leadership becomes aware someone is speaking out.

Once again, the information they don’t want you to see, they call spiritual pornography.

Even ‘spiritual pornography’ has found its way onto the information superhighway. Instead of building lives for God, enemies of the church and disgruntled former members are uniting to attack the Kingdom and destroy people’s faith. They present their “facts” and their “stories” in such a way as to picture the church as an abusive, authoritative, greedy and evil cult. Of course, the danger in reading such material is that only one side is presented in personal stories of hurt, and no way exists to ever learn the other side.  Al Baird, Elder of the LA ICC – in an ICC WWW Article titled – ‘You’ve Got Mail‘ 6/25/99

While we can understand the leaders, including Al Baird, do not want the average member to know this information, we can’t understand why knowing it would “destroy people’s faith.”  People’s faith should be in God and learning the truth about the church they are involved in should strengthen their faith and encourage the average member to hold their leaders to a higher standard of openness.

The ICOC has had years and years presenting “their facts and stories,” we invite our readers to check out the  information at and encourage you to continue your research about the International Churches of Christ and McKean’s new Sold Out Discipling Movement, the International Christian Churches.