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Now fast forward to April 2010.  Four years have gone by and then I receive a certified letter from an attorney using McKean’s Los Angeles churches letterhead.  The envelope I signed for, was not a letterhead envelope, but a plain white envelope with hand written addresses.  The name in the return address did not acknowledge that he was an attorney.

On April 26, 2010 I received a letter from an attorney named Xavier Davis.   Who was Mr. Davis representing? Why is this letter written on church letterhead and not a law firm letterhead?  Why was there no cc indicating a client?  Why a California return address and a Portland, OR postmark on the envelope?

We are ordering you to cease and desist your usage of the domain name and transfer it to the City of Angels International Christian Church within 45 days of the receipt of this letter. If you fail to transfer the domain name to the City of Angels International Christian Church or respond to this letter with 45 days we will commence litigation against you in this matter.”

Because of the deceitful practices of McKean’s leaders in the past, I had many questions about this letter and it’s authority, I looked up the attorney’s name in the California State Bar Association.  Nothing found.  I looked up his name in the Oregon State Bar Association.  Nothing found.  Am I dealing with a real attorney?

On April 29, 2010 I received an email from Ron Harding, evangelist of the Portland ICC church.  In his email, he pointed out that I had received a letter from “our attorney” Mr. Davis.  Mr. Harding initiated a domain transfer with    Harding further states,

“Keep in mind that your site clearly violates trademark, civil, and federal laws. It’s an open and shut case. We both know that you can’t possibly win in arbitration/litigation and that choosing that route will result in you being liable for both of our costs in the end. This answers your questions to me in Delphi forums a few years ago when you told me to go ahead and try to take the domain, just like all of the others.”

Finding it odd he would mention Delphi forums posts from 2007, I went back to Delphi Forums to see where I had “told me to go ahead and try to take the domain.”    I recalled a brief conversation we had had on Delphi and wanted to refresh my memory.  As you can see, I never made that challenge to Harding.

At this point, on April 30, I sent a letter to Mr. Davis at the address he had listed in his letter to me.  I wanted to know who he was representing and in what state he was an attorney.  Why was he appearing to practice law in California and did not show up in a California Bar search?

My letter was mailed and a notice left at the address in California to pick up the letter at the post office.  It was ignored.

At this point, having been placed under a 45 day deadline, and Mr. Davis’ non-response to my request, I did some further research and found an attorney with his name listed with the Washington State Bar Association.  I waited until May 14 with still no response from Mr. Davis having never picked up the letter from the post office, I decided to call the WSBA and ask about filing a grievance with them and they advised I should try contacting Mr. Davis at the law firm address they had on file.  So I sent a 2nd letter to Mr. Davis at his law firm’s address and I decided to forward a copy of both my letters to the managing partner at his law firm, in case Mr. Davis were to ignore my 2nd letter, at lease somebody with legal authority would know his activities, and that I was trying to respond within the 45 day deadline Mr. Davis had given me.

The letter was received May 17.

On May 18 I received a 2nd email from Mr. Harding.

“Congratulations on all of your efforts. You have successfully saved hundreds, if not thousands from the truth. No matter who’s right before the Lord in all this you can be sure there is a very special place reserved for you 🙂

Much needed “Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.” 2 Tim 1:2”

Nothing like being spoken to by a so-called man of God in this fashion.  So much concern and compassion expressed to me. And a smiley face? Really?  Unbelievable!

I also thought about how I was taught in the church to believe that this kind of critical expression was to be chalked up as persecution, so I felt very honored to be so persecuted in my attempts at giving website visitors a chance to read both sides of the events surrounding McKean.  If people decided to no longer follow McKean or to not join him in the first place, then yes, I have saved thousands.

On May 25, I received a certified letter from Mr. McKean.

“Mr. Davis when he wrote the cease and desist letter to you was acting as a church member under my direction. He is not officially representing the City of Angels Church or myself in a legal capacity. He inadvertently signed the letter, “Attorney at Law.” We apologize for any confusion.”

In his letter, he attempts to convince me that Mr. Davis “inadvertently” signed the letter to me as Attorney at Law.  I believe that McKean was trying to dissuade me from filing a grievance against Mr. Davis for attempting to practice law in a state that he was not licensed to practice.  Interesting to note that McKean’s letter was postmarked Vancouver, WA, the town where Mr. Davis practices law.

“You should also be well aware by now that Mr. Harding, Mr. Davis, Russ Preston, and all others were acting under my direction in demanding that you cease and desist from using the domain name,”

McKean acknowledged that he had directed Mr. Preston and others to contact me about the website over the years.  So McKean was well aware of their deceitful practices and had indeed directed it.

At this point, and with the 45 day deadline looming and having ICANN proceedings threatened, I hired an attorney.

Over the next several days, I came to the decision to transfer the domain and to end their threats and contact.  The cost to defend myself in an ICANN proceeding, while worthwhile, was prohibitive to my budget.  So my attorney informed McKean and Harding that I would be transferring the domain to them.

On June 16, I initiated a domain transfer with my web hosting company, and on June 30, the transfer was complete.

I received one final email from Harding in an attempt, I guess to play nice.  I removed sensitive information that he shared with me.

“It truly is sad that you consider me an enemy because we would make great partners working together as real partners in the Gospel.  When you consider how to come after our movement, claiming that we are all about money, deceit, and financial fraud please consider the facts from the church I lead here in Portland…”

While I do not view Mr. Harding as an enemy, I do view him as a deceitful man that is leading many astray.  I feel sorry for Harding, Preston and Mr. Davis.  They are under a powerful delusion and feel flattered when McKean asks for their help.  Having been in the church so long myself, I understand how they feel.

Since Mr. Davis, the attorney, had never contacted me with the information I requested, and having received McKean’s attempt at getting Mr. Davis out of any trouble, I decided to initiate a grievance with the Washington State Bar.  I believe this was necessary in that McKean and Harding were using Mr. Davis as their attorney to threaten and intimidate me to turn over the website.  McKean claiming that Davis was not acting as their attorney didn’t ring true with me.  Of all the members in McKean’s churches that he directed to send me a letter, he used Mr. Davis, for the only reason, that he was indeed an attorney.

I will publish the grievance and the responses I received from the WSBA once the matter has been finalized.

I have responses from Davis and Harding attempting to claim that Mr. Davis was not acting as their attorney even though he was giving them advice and direction and signing their letters as an attorney.  Harding himself has claimed in an email to me that Davis was “our attorney” and in his good news sharing on McKean’s website that “our new “Kingdom attorney,” Xavier Davis,” yet claims in his response to the Bar that Davis is not their attorney.

I filed the grievance because I do not think they should be allowed to do this to me, or to other people in the future.

As you can see from my correspondences with these men, they have acted with deceit and lies.   They accuse me of lying.  You decide.

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