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Two days later, I received an email from Russell Preston from McKean’s Portland church.  Since this was my first email from Mr. Preston, I was surprised that his email picked up in what seemed like the middle of a conversation.  Mr. Preston stated that he had contacted my web hosting company about my violating their rights.  He made threats about laws I had broken and that I would have to pay attorney costs for their filing actions against me.

“I have contacted your web host and informed them of the “Rights” that you are violating. I want to also inform you that you are in direct violation of your web host “Terms and Conditions” (8) Member Conduct (f). (see below) By your actions it is apparent that you clearly understand what you are doing but have shown no desire to comply with the legal department of your web host or Federal and State Laws.”

“Since you do not have permission from the Portland International Church of Christ you are instructed to remove all material from your website(s) immediately. If you do not, I will be forced to file legal action against you and will seek the maximum amount for damages, attorney fees and any other cost associated to that action.”

Here is the email he wrote to my web hosting company.

September 1, I called my web hosting company and asked if any complaints have been registered with them about my websites and none had been registered.  They sent me an email to assure me.

In this email, Mr. Preston also included the email that Scott had sent to me. How odd that Mr. Preston had a copy of this!  I show just a portion here, but he had copied and pasted Scott’s email to me and submitted to my hosting company.

So I responded to Mr. Preston and asked him to tell me who he represented and what his title and authority was.

“I am in receipt of your “cease and desist” request. Would you please tell me who it is that you represent and what your relevant title and authority is? I have received other similar emails from people who, like you, do not properly identify themselves or their standing in this matter.”

Several days later, I received another email from Mr. Preston again telling me about all the laws I was violating and letting me know he would be meeting with the President of the Board to discuss the action that I was forcing them to take to protect the rights that I was violating.

“Also understand that the request has been made under the advice of an attorney who specializes in this area and this should not be taken lightly.”

“This e-mail and any files transmitted with “@” are confidential, and are intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to which they are addressed. This communication may contain material protected by the attorney-client privilege…. You are also prohibited from posting this email in whole or in part on any website, forum, public or private, email, forwarding this email or any other form of written material or sound recording without expressed written permission from the sender of this email…”

Notice the final paragraph at the bottom of Mr. Preston’s emails.  He clearly seems concerned that his email not be published or discussed.  Also of note is that at the bottom of one of John Doe’s emails to me contained exactly the same warning.  What a coincidence!

That same day, I responded to Mr. Preston asking him to again answer my question as to exactly who he was and by what authority he had to correspond with me on these issues.

“You haven’t answered my question from the last email…”

I received two more small emails (2nd email) from Mr. Preston and after this and not responding to him, never heard from him again.

“If you are questioning the validity of posting copyright or trademark material, you can see that the ICOC discussion forum has been shut down due to the postings.”

Since Mr. Preston would not answer my questions and have an adult conversation about these issues, but instead wanted to be deceitful and threatening in his correspondence, I did not respond to him.  I believe that John Doe and Scott were both Mr. Preston contacting me in deceitful ways.

This flurry of emails happened in 2006.  I did not receive any more harassing emails about the website.

Up to 2006, I had been listing McKean’s articles on the website in their entirety, with links back to the Portland website.  I could see how Mr. Preston’s views on my using this material might violate their copyright, so I removed these articles and only provided a list of titles of the articles with all links going directly back to the Portland website.  I did not remove various quotes from McKean’s articles and sermons because it is acceptable to use excerpts under the fair use provisions of copyright laws.

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