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I purchased in February 2005.  I was a bit flabbergasted that McKean had not purchased his own domain name in all these years.  So I set out to document the events that were currently happening in and around McKean and the ICOC.

In August of 2006, more than a year after I purchased the domain, I received the following email.

“I am doing some investigation to this website and hope that you can answer the following questions. You are currently using Mr. McKean’s legal name along with photographs of him and his family.  Do you currently have a release from Mr. McKean to use his legal name and the posting of personal pictures? I have also been made aware that some of the audio and literature that you have posted is under copy right law and can not be used without written consent. Do you have release of permission to use this on your website?”

An anonymous person named John Doe asking me questions about whether I have releases.  Because this was clearly a poor attempt to contact me, I ignored the email.  A few days later, I received Mr. Doe’s next email.

“This is my second request and I am sending you a copy (see below) of the email that I previously sent. If you are not the correct recipient that would need to respond I would ask that you please forward this email to the correct indivudal or reply back with the correct email information. I want to express the urgency of your response in this matter.”

Again, I was being contacted from an anonymous “investigator” so I completely ignored the email.  Then later that day, I received Mr. Doe’s final email.

“Your website appears to be under copyright law. Can you please send me your copyright licensing registration number for our review. Thank you for your time.” John, Investigative Services

Again, I chose to ignore all of Mr. Doe’s attempts to question me.

Then, the next day, August 29, 2006, I received an email from Scott. In Scott’s  email to me, he praised me in the information that was being posted on the website.  He offered information and audio files that he thought would be helpful for the website.  He also claimed he had a document that he would scan that he claims showed Special Mission Contribution for individuals along with a letter from their Sector Leader to the Bible Talk Leaders making sure they were tracking the contributions to meet the goals.

“First let me say that it is refreshing to see you posting the information that you are on the website. I have some documents and information that I believe would be quite helpful to you. I have an audio recording of Kip in LA where he is speaking of sacrifice even if that means sending your children to different colleges, what!!!! I also have a document that I can get scanned that is from a SMC that shows each member and how much they are to give along with a letter from the sector leader to the BTL informing them to make sure that everyone is on track to meet the goal. I found this in an old box of junk I was throwing out. Let me know what you think.”

I was a little skeptical since I had just received Mr. Doe’s emails, and now received an email from an email address entitled  So I responded to Scott and asked him to send me his documentation and commented that I was receiving “flack” from people trying to “shut me down.”

That same day, I received another email from Scott (part 2) showing him to be deceitful in his first email to me.  In this email, he has changed his dialog and now clearly makes threats about my violating all kinds of laws.

“Thank you for your email and your acknowledgment as the owner of the website(s).”

“At this time I would also like to inform you that it would be in your best interest to contact legal consul for your better understanding of Federal and State Laws of the above mentioned violations.   As this matter moves forward you will be contacted via this email since we do not have the appropriate contact information. Should you hire legal representation, please forward me the contact information so we can discuss this matter directly with your attorney.”

So “Scott” was clearly being deceitful in his first contact to me, and now his emails were sounding a whole lot like Mr. John Doe’s emails.

I decided to not respond to these emails since they once again were being deceitful in their correspondence with me.  Why could they not contact me as an adult and have a serious discussion about the website?

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