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Fox 8/WGHP High Point, NC

May 25, 1999
Triangle Church

Fox Files
January 21, 1999 – 15:11 wmv file

Part 1,   Part 2,   Part3,   Part 4
BBC Living with the Enemy

Part 1 (starts at approximately 1.50 into the video), Part 2, Part 3
1998 Utv Live Insight Productions

Inside Edition
May 19, 1994 – 11:01 wmv file

5th Estate
December 15, 1993 – 29:43 wmv file

ABC 20/20
October 15, 1993 – 25:27 wmv file

BBC/London “Newsnight”

October 5, 1993

WCVB/Boston “Evening News”
May 19-21, 1993 – 24:03 wmv file

Shenanigans Part 4

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Now fast forward to April 2010.  Four years have gone by and then I receive a certified letter from an attorney using McKean’s Los Angeles churches letterhead.  The envelope I signed for, was not a letterhead envelope, but a plain white envelope with hand written addresses.  The name in the return address did not acknowledge that he was an attorney.

On April 26, 2010 I received a letter from an attorney named Xavier Davis.   Who was Mr. Davis representing? Why is this letter written on church letterhead and not a law firm letterhead?  Why was there no cc indicating a client?  Why a California return address and a Portland, OR postmark on the envelope? Read the rest of this entry

Shenanigans Part 3

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Two days later, I received an email from Russell Preston from McKean’s Portland church.  Since this was my first email from Mr. Preston, I was surprised that his email picked up in what seemed like the middle of a conversation.  Mr. Preston stated that he had contacted my web hosting company about my violating their rights.  He made threats about laws I had broken and that I would have to pay attorney costs for their filing actions against me. Read the rest of this entry

Shenanigans Part 2

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I purchased in February 2005.  I was a bit flabbergasted that McKean had not purchased his own domain name in all these years.  So I set out to document the events that were currently happening in and around McKean and the ICOC.

In August of 2006, more than a year after I purchased the domain, I received the following email. Read the rest of this entry


According to Merriam-Webster Online, Shenanigans means:  1 : a devious trick used especially for an underhand purpose 2 a : tricky or questionable practices or conduct

I call Shenanigans on why this website ( came about.  I used to own  I bought it in 2005.  Over the following five years, McKean directed some of his leaders to contact me and demand I turn over the website.  I’ll publish those attempts so you can see how they have operated and used trickery and deceit in contacting me and discussing the website. Read the rest of this entry