• “Raul Moreno became connected with Kip McKean and the Portland Movement several years ago.  Members of that movement are called to recruit heavily from the ICOC congregations.  When Raul tried to lead his ICOC church in Santiago, Chile, into Kip’s new movement, he was disciplined for being divisive.  The vast majority (90%) of the membership stayed in the ICOC when he left.  He recently wrote an editorial to defend his divisive behavior. We take issue with several of his statements.
  • October 21, 2007 – Raul Moreno responds with his comments about recent events regarding the Santiago Church 
  • “The three Florida evangelists proceeded to mark me and another ministry leader couple as divisive, thus disfellowshipping us. They also gave advice to those they had swayed to avoid the disciples that had continued to follow our lead. Indeed, there is a new congregation in Santiago, Chile. That church is the one that decided not to follow their leaders. They even named one of their own as their “new” leader. The congregation that I now lead is practicing exactly what I have been teaching during my entire tenure in Santiago. We have embraced the original ICOC teachings. The name of the congregation I still lead is the Santiago International Christian Church. The new church is called the Santiago ICOC only because the fourth and only dissenting couple of the leadership group was the administrator, who as president of the board, carried with him the legal rights and name of the church. Now, a month after this separation, the Santiago International Christian Church is once again thriving and starting to baptize!”
  • August 27, 2007 – Santiago ICOC Church splits when local leaders join Kip’s new movement.  Local Leaders marked.
  • “On Sunday the Morenos met with a group of about 30 in their apartment building, while the rest of us (about 250) had a great worship in the regular facility. John Hoyt gave a meaningful communion service, his first in Spanish, and John Reus preached an inspiring sermon. We met, again, at 4:00 with the church and at 6:00 with the Bible talk leaders. At this time, both Raul Moreno and Kip McKean were marked for their divisiveness (Romans 16:17 and Titus 3:10). On Monday morning we had an inspiring congregational devotional and prayer time. Between, before and after these meetings the staff in Chile (unfortunately minus Raul and Lynda) and the group from Florida met to study, pray and organize. ”  ….”In that same devotional, it was necessary for us to mark Alfredo and  Alejandra Anuch, Raul’s right hand couple, for their divisiveness. It feels contradictory to mark church members, because we try so hard to keep them saved. But, we understand that the scriptures leave us no alternative, in  order that the larger flock might be protected. The 250 disciples who remain in the original church have high standards of unity, love, faithfulness and devotion. This church has a great desire to reach Chile and beyond with the gospel. They are an example and an inspiration to us all.”